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On its cover page, Self-Creating Life is described as an “Unrestricted Invitation to a Life of Possibilities”.  Rather than a step-by-step program, the author suggests a unique, self-reliant approach to release the reader’s own answer for opening and accentuating the intrinsic qualities and beauty of their life as a way of Self-Creating their life via a natural process of unlocking unconscious awareness.

Writing with a carefully-designed, nebulous exactness, the author’s message avoids the predominant self-help formula of step-by-step instructions for what you must do.  Instead she offers a proven alternative to searching and amassing outside information by defining a Self-Creating Life as absolute, autonomous and self-determining.  The author’s goal is to ensure that the reader will live life to the fullest according to their individual definition, approach, and needs.

Self-Creating Life offers a practical perspective that includes safety and security while it lubricates the reader’s mind and actions toward previously unconceived possibilities.  It does not encourage running off to Tuscany and into a movie viewed 12 years ago while having the international savvy of an 8 year old.

If any principle can be applied to a Self-Creating Life, it may be that it requires Balanced Effort Living (the author’s term), not magically getting into your “inner self” and wondrously transforming.  Throughout the book, the author suggests that the degree of joy possible with a Self-Creating Life is commensurate with Balanced Effort Living. An entire Chapter is devoted to a balanced, healthy approach that is proposed as equal in importance to any reader’s self-delivery. Statistical examples in the book demonstrate that Balanced Effort Living maintains perspective in a practical and harmonious approach to a complete life. 

The book offers tools and exercises that can serve as front-line self-motivation which receives nourishment from a passionate burning to complete the fullest life possible. 

Dozens of practical examples of a Self-Creating Life are included and serve to emphasize the validity of the author’s approach.  These also include the author’s very readable accounts of her own Self-Creating Life.   From all these authentic experiences, it is possible to have a more complete understanding of the author’s creation of the word “realmagination”  and the value she places on imagination:   Imagination takes us to new places of experience so life can unfold around it.  With my realmagination not dimmed by excessive thinking, my life just kind of bloomed. 

Self-Creating Life doesn’t repudiate the fact that you may have authentic aspirations you can’t explain.  However, it acknowledges that your deepest comprehension of knowing requires discernment, not groundless conjecture.


This is a book that may appear to be ineffectual for those seeking the predominant, traditional step-by-step instruction manual which advises a specific method for a happy life.   In a way, Self-Creating Life seems to leave it up to the reader to cease talking about what they are going to do, know their deepest need, and simply make their best life with their own arsenal.  However, it is also a useful book for those with discord arisen from doubt or conflicting viewpoints in the sense that it may assist those particular readers identify self-limiting traits.

Lana Sorrento has evoked the perspective which culminated in her own Self-Creating Life and makes it useful for others, offering that life must be nurtured subtly and gently via an ever-changing accessway of your own creation.

Lana's Self Creating Life

My life clicked.  Resume of school, work, and hobbies — not required.  Joy of Experience — YES.  I’m a sailor, world traveler, entrepreneur, non-profit founder, wife, martial arts champion, wine, food, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving, gun shooting, horse galloping, jazz loving, music producing, 1953 XK-120 Jaguar driving, lover of Life

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Doubt kills more imagination than failure.

The Self Creating Life is safety and security while it lubricates your mind and actions toward previously unconceived possiblities.

Self-value and an expanding awareness of inherent, tenacious strength create the ingredients paramount to the sovereign approach to your life.

Self-value and an expanding awareness of inherent, tenacious strength create the ingredients paramount to the sovereign approach to your life.


Any author that states, “ I can’t tell you how to get here and have no efficacious basis for proclaiming your future success”, at the very least piques interest.   Before you purchase this book, it may be advisable to read this free preview and discover why Lana believes “Imagination is only effective in the form of a reality classified as a personal obligation to expand your life experientially” yet also proclaims “Imagination takes you to a place of new experience so life can unfold around it”. 

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