What Are Ignitors?

My Ignitors are not intended to simply ignite a minor glimmer of hope or trigger an inspiration to do something about your deepest aspirations.   Ignitors are for those whose love of what they must do will erupt into an intense fire of action-packed possibilities that make you want nothing but make your need for something stronger. 

My Ignitors will help you: Make life harder every day but maintain balance.  Swear off self- pity.  Become tired of being proved wrong because you followed someone else’s bad advice.  Rely only on yourself.   Ignore those who may say, “All you ever do is daydream. You need to get a life.” 

Ignitor Portfolio:

You must burst into flames and reduce your limitations to ashes. You can’t simply catch fire; you must erupt. You will incinerate anything that has bound you.

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