Do You Want An Ally?

As an ally with many SCL individuals, I have discovered that there are common characteristics in the fabric of their lives.

One of the most important distinctions is that they are satisfied with their lives but they’re not.  I mean, there is nothing seriously amiss but they feel they are missing something.  I think everyone has felt a certain way without being able to explain what’s wrong but it appears to be deeper among the SCL group. Even though initially undefined, their Self-Creating accessway eventually asserts the deepest root of their ambiguous need. 

I know because the accessway I Self-Created jumped out of an instantaneous realization of unlimited possibilities. By unknown means, I was able to discern my imagination as reality powered by the absolute love of something I had not yet understood.  I quit trying to give something a name but It steadily told me I would get there.  

My Alliance Sessions are effective because I join on the deepest level with those who have seasoned themselves to become my Ally.  Doubt, self-motivation, confused emotions and inertia are exposed as mere symptoms and no match for the absolute love of whatever something exists.

As your Ally, it’s unnecessary for me to bring you to accept your own something because there is no such thing as loving a little and this you must know. Questioning absolute love is impossible therefore proceeding while connected to an undefined absolute love unties and clears my Alliance client’s lives without force.  Unleashing the Self-Creating Life happens of itself.

I persevere with all my heart in conveying this conviction and its pertinence to inertness.  However, Alliance Sessions are for the intense few who are clearly on their own accessway of an absolute, autonomous and self-determining life.  Through my books, TimeOuts, and Action Paks they have Self-Created their foundation to support further growth with Alliance Sessions and Diamond Cutters.


Diamond Principles Portfolio

Since diamonds are one of the hardest materials, only a diamond can cut a diamond. Therefore, special diamond-coated surfaces are used to grind the diamond down.

My Diamond Cutters have been developed with that knowledge in mind as the essence to cutting through all obstacles with your own diamond-like material.  This approach includes physical and mental exercises that combine with your intrinsic strength which sometimes requires stimulation and feeding. Cutting through stagnation by natural, self-overcoming, inertia becomes automatic for your life and simply takes doubt and procrastination out of the equation for success. 

Available to Alliance Members Only

The Ally Structure....

I have no interest in telling you how to get there but I do have have the efficacious basis for proclaiming your future success.  My own Self-Creating Life is evidence that apt individuals can live a life of possibilities. 

If you are accepted for an Alliance Session Ally position, it is important to comprehend I’m not your guiding light, mentor, guru, psychotherapist, or coach and have no interest the predominant self-help methods.  To That end, you will notice the unusual price structure.  because I only want to ally with individuals serious about moving their lives in a new direction. Alternately, I feel two months is perfect ____ to clear the doubts and light your self desire.

Alliance Sessions make it possible for certain individuals to fully awaken their possibilities and more further develop Balanced Effort Living as an adjunct to an amazing life doing exactly that which they love.

How To Apply....

Potential Alliance Members are typically the most intense group of individuals and most are very eager to accelerate their own development.  Prior to being accepted for an Alliance Session Ally position, it is important that they have attained sufficient exposure to the Self-Creating Life offerings so that they are primed to fully awaken to their possibilities.  I therefore have developed a flexible syllabus which has proven to ensure I can fully and effectively engage with the Ally.  This is one of the reasons I suggest two months as a sufficient amount of Allied Session time to have Self-created their personal accessway.


Alliance Sessions are best utilized by applicants who have most completely looked into my writings and other offerings. 

  • Reading the Self-Creating Life book.
  • Exploring TimeOuts (including both those in the book and offered for free on the website).
  • Following and commenting on my blogs to further know me.
  • Using my free Ignitors as inspiration are necessary preparatory accomplishments before applying.


I also have found an introduction to you written by you gets me off to a good start with solid footing.  I have established no parameters for the Alliance Session applicant to follow in writing the introduction.  The introduction can be as simple as telling a little about you as one would if introducing a friend to another person or you can write an essay suitable for qualifying for a NASA space mission.  As is all of this, it’s up to you.

Please Send your Introduction to:

Choose your plan

One Month

Initial Plan
$ 500
1 Months
  • 4 One Hour Sessions
  • 1 Free Diamond Cutter

Two Month

Initial Plan
$ 600
2 Months
  • 8 One Hour Sessions
  • 2 Free Diamond Cutters
  • Finito Session


Follow-Up Plan
$ 300
Per Month
  • 4 Sessions + Finito
  • 1 Free Diamond Cutter

Two Month Plan

One hour-long Alliance session each week for eight weeks plus an additional Finito session.  The program includes two Diamond Cutters for no additional fee.

The two month program is my suggestion for most qualified individuals.  Combined with the recommended preparatory accomplishments, two months as an Ally with me provides adequate time to work on and absorb my Diamond Cutters.  It also offers a closer relationship and more effectively ensures results.

One Month Plan

One hour-long Alliance Session each week for four weeks.  This program includes one Diamond Cutter for no additional fee.

The one month program is for individuals who have assuredly found themselves well along their accessway to realmagination.  After having completed the recommended preparatory accomplishments, apt individuals will be more able to discern if they are comfortable with only one month. If at the end of the one month program, you determine you desire an additional month, this option is available.  (See Additional Sessions $300).

 Third Month or longer Additional Sessions

If an Ally feels a desire to continue their Alliance Sessions for a third month or longer, they will receive one hour-long session each week of the four additional weeks.  The Ally will receive an additional bonus Finito session and one additional Diamond Cutter.

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