What Are Action Paks?

Commitment creates action but there is a difference in action and motion.  Many individuals fail to realize that motion can be inaction and their grandest plans become empty promises because their commitment lacked depth.  Any action is not better than inaction.  When failure becomes familiar, thinking and deliberation often become substitutes for growth.

In the Self-Creating Life, the deepest love of something is the ancestor of every positive action.  It surpasses discipline and makes force unnecessary by connecting a life worth achieving with self-nourishment.  Action naturally becomes uncompromising and thinking stops.  Long term goals dissipate as needs become the benevolent, dictator of each day.

My Action Paks are designed to serve specific needs useful for developing  the ultimate foundation for a Self-Creating Life.  A variety of topics ranging from women’s health, stress relief, and Balanced Effort Living, join with the Self-Creating Life approach to a complete life.

Action Pak Portfolio:

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Coming Soon!

Your front-line is self-motivation which receives nourishment from a passionate burning to complete your life. It is constructive to observe the building blocks that immigrate into place as your development continues.

Lana Sorrento
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